Wairua Clothing - Punta de Lobos November 2019

By Cako Fuentes Beals

Find about my travel to Punta de Lobos. Doing a photoshoot for Wairua Clothing, a new clothing store of a good friend. After that we enjoyed a good evening in the beach.

November - 2019

Designers : Daniela Diaz – Valentina Arenas

Laguna del Maule - November 2019

" My ultimate goal is to try to make the ordinary look extraordinary. "

— Martin Parr

Punta de Lobos - November 2019

Above all, life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference

— Robert Frank

Chile Desperto / Octubre 2019

Chile Desperto

In October of 2019 / The increase in the subway ticket was enough for the bubble of inequalities that the Chilean people live to explode.

After more than 30 years of inequalities and the ineptitude of the authorities to mark a positive change for society, Chile got tired of so much abuse. This is a record of what have been the protests for a decent life, equal resources and to stop making the richest rich.

Talca / 2019

Illford HP5 400 - Black and White

Black and White photography - Illford HP5 400

Zenith 12XP - Helios 44-m2 55 f/2

Felt like timeless, but for a brief second only


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